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Diesel engines D-242, D-243, D-245, D-246, D-260, diesel generators, etc. MMZ

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying engines d-242, d-243, d-245, d-246, d-260 and their modifications, diesel generators, radiators, compressor stations. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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MINSK MOTOR PLANT is the largest enterprise in Belarus, as well as the leading manufacturer of modern diesel engines among the CIS countries and ranks first in the number of tractor and combine engines produced.
  • production

    To perform the main types of activities, there are all types of existing industries: non-ferrous casting, pressing, welding, machining, painting, thermal, tool, assembly, etc.
  • warranty

    The warranty period of operation of MMZ engines is 12 months, but not more than 50 thousand km of vehicle mileage. The warranty period of operation is calculated from the date of commissioning of the diesel engine, but not later than six months from the date of its purchase.
  • tasks

    Expansion of the range of diesel engines produced with an increase in the power range. Production of eco-friendly, economical, safe and reliable products. Improving the technical level and competitiveness of manufactured products.

MMZ catalog

Engines D-242, D-243, D-245, D-246, D-260 and their modifications, diesel generators, radiators, compressor stations
  • Двигатели Д-242 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-242
    426, 1291 и др.
  • Двигатели Д-243 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-243
    94, 202, 1053, 20, 863 и др.
  • двигатели Д-244, Д-245С, Д-248С MMZ
    двигатели Д-244, Д-245С, Д-248С
    Д244С, Д244-792 и др.
  • Двигатели Д-245 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-245
    16С-993Р, 2S2-1922 и др.
  • Двигатели Д-245.12С MMZ
    Двигатели Д-245.12С
    1334, 2950, 2953, 230М, 231М и др.
  • Двигатели Д-245.7Е, Д-245.30Е2 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-245.7Е, Д-245.30Е2
    398, 1807, 842В, 1049, 1062 и др.
  • Двигатели Д-245.7, Д-245.9, Д245.9Е3 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-245.7, Д-245.9, Д245.9Е3
    361, 336, 402Х, 402М и др.
  • Двигатели Д-245.9Е2 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-245.9Е2
    259, 397, 396, 1573, 257 и др.
  • Двигатели Д-245.2S2, Д-245.5S2 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-245.2S2, Д-245.5S2
    Д245.2S2 1956Э и др.
  • Двигатели Д-246 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-246
    83, 88М и др.
  • Двигатели Д249 MMZ
    Двигатели Д249
    Д249 Е4, Д249 Е5 и др.
  • Двигатели Д-260 MMZ
    Двигатели Д-260
    536, 658, 729, 57, 530 и др.
  • Двигатели Д262, Д263, Д266 MMZ
    Двигатели Д262, Д263, Д266
    Д 263.1 Е3 и др.
  • Двигатели Д280S, Д286 MMZ
    Двигатели Д280S, Д286
    Д286.1, Д286.2 и др.
  • Двигатели MMZ-3LD, 3LDT, 3LDG MMZ
    Двигатели MMZ-3LD, 3LDT, 3LDG
    MMZ-3LD-20, MMZ-3LDT-00 и др.
  • Дизель-генераторы MMZ
    с АВР, без АВР, открытый и др.
  • Компрессорные станции MMZ
    Компрессорные станции
    ПВ10-1.0, ПВ 3.5-0.7 и др.
  • Специальная техника MMZ
    Специальная техника
    ЦПП-0.9, МАБС-630307 и др.
  • Радиаторы MMZ
    100А-1301100 и др.

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